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Your business environment is unique. We'll study your operations and provide targeted services for your specific set-up, so your business can stand strong against cyberthreats.

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Proactive, not reactive

Traditional cyber security revolves around general screening and incident response. Our approach? Building cyber resilience by strengthening your unique business set-up to minimize your risk and prevent them from occurring in the first place.


For your specific business set-up

The first step to securing your environment? Knowing your environment. We take the time to get to know how your operations are set up, so you you get targeted security protocols for your specific environment and run by a team that’s familiar with your business’s need. Now you know you know all your bases are covered.


Spend where it matters most

We don’t do shortcuts. Or bloated services. We know what services work best for your environment and offer tailored services that meet your needs (and budget) so you can increase security and minimize risk, without breaking the bank.

“ With Keystone, we know nothing falls through the cracks.”
We realized early on in growing our company that we couldn’t afford to take any security risks. Keystone has brought us – and keeps us – up to par. They’re on top of the game, always looking out for ways to make us more secure as the risks keep changing, and their team maintains excellent communication with our staff. We are now years ahead of where we started with cybersecurity, and are thrilled with their service.
Daniel Gleich, CEO Madison Trust
Madison Trust Company
“What sets Keystone apart is their commitment to truly understanding our business operations. ”
We made the decision to partner with Keystone for their outstanding security program and impressive array of services, and we are pleased with the results. Their team has implemented robust security measures that have significantly strengthened our defenses. What sets Keystone apart is their commitment to truly understanding our business operations, which has allowed them to provide tailored cybersecurity solutions that aligns with our needs. The comprehensive suite of services they offer has given us peace of mind, knowing that our security is in capable hands.
Golda Grossman, LTC Consulting Services

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Whatever your needs are, we have you covered

Whatever your needs are, we have you covered

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Your IT staff live & breathe tech.

Friendly, expert security support for your in-house team or MSP to ensure all operations are tight and hacker-proof.

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“I have peace of mind knowing that we're being looked after by experts.”
“We were looking into training programs to increase our employee’s awareness,  but it was hard to find something that would keep them  engaged and clear. Mordy’s training was fantastic. Aside from that,  the reports we get from him are concise, yet incredibly clear. Both my infrastructure team and the CEO understand them. I have peace of mind knowing that we're being looked after by experts who help us enhance our security posture in a practical, actionable way.”
Robert Curtis, CTO C&A Global
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Cyberattacks cost more than just money

Destroyed systems. Drained accounts. Damaged reputation.
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