Stay Secure in an Ever-Changing Environment

Your business is an ever-evolving operation with many moving parts and a dynamic environment.
How can you be sure your business is safe?

Everyday updates = potential pitfalls

Evolving technologies are signs of a thriving business.
But they can pose a risk to your security if not properly implemented.
Things like:

  • Employees need to work remotely.

    How can we grant access while maintaining security?

  • We’re building out a public-facing app.

    How do we build in security measures?

  • An employee mistakenly gave credentials to a hacker.

    What are our next steps?

  • A new web-facing app is being deployed.

    How can we ensure it is not going to get hacked?

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Dynamic security
for dynamic businesses

Your dedicated CISO knows


Your Business

Deeply familiar with internal procedures, setup,  environment, and any new developments.


Your Risks &

On hand to keep track of changes and their implications - and to advise how to resolve risks.


Current Security

Monitors worldwide security threats that can affect your business, like service providers or vendors that are breached.

So you get custom, ongoing security strategy for your business.

We need THIS

Steady, solid progress towards a more secure operation


In-depth Assessment

Understand your security posture + your risks and recommendations.


Get a Custom, Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program

Constant, clear guidance to improve security.


Implementation Management

We’ll roll out your new security program, starting with selecting the right highly-vetted candidate for the job through to following their progress and ensuring everything gets done–and gets done well.


Consistent Dedication

We keep the ball moving towards the goal: the most secure environment for your business.

Everyone on
the same page board

Stay informed on your security posture + your risks and recommendations with clear, consistent communication for everyone involved

Client Portal
[Client Portal]
Know exactly where you’re holding. See what was completed and what’s up next.
One central dashboard so that the whole team is always up to date.
[With your C-suite]
Quarterly Report for Ciso
Quarterly Reports

A snapshot of what we’ve done, which risks remain , and what we recommend to focus on next.

[With your departments]
Consistent Check-ins
Consistent Check-ins

We check-in regularly with each department to ensure that no risks are being buried.

Plus, round-the-clock security support, how and when you need it

Timely Notifications

Letting you know if there’s any news in the security world you need to know about— and what action to take.

Answers. Always.

For your day-to-day safety questions questions like ‘Is it safe for all accounts if my password reset includes an embedded link,’ ‘Would it be okay to use a specific chrome browser extension,’ and ‘Do I need to do something about an alert triggered while using potentially unauthorized software?’

On-site Hours

Office hours nearly every day for your convenience.

Scheduled Meetings

For when we need to talk things through, and a phone call doesn’t cut it.

All your security needs under one CISO

Plus, get access to our full team talent and expertise at the same time. Enjoy lightning-quick servicing as needed from our comprehensive security platform, which includes:

Risk Assessment
Employee Training
Quarterly Vulnerability Scans
Cloud Security Audit
Backup & Disaster Recovery Test
Penetration Testing
Phishing Stimulation Test
Advance Alert System
Incident Response
Compliance Management
“Keystone has brought us–and keeps us–up to par.”
“We realized early on in growing our company that we couldn’t afford to take any security risks. Keystone has brought us – and keeps us – up to par. They’re on top of the game, always looking out for ways to make us more secure as the risks keep changing, and their team keeps excellent communication with our staff. We are now years ahead of where we started with cybersecurity, and are thrilled with their service.”
Madison Trust Company

Get an ally on your team that knows your business, knows the risks, and knows how to guide you