Cyber safety starts with employee awareness

Avoid ransomware, privacy leaks, and wire fraud with engaging, personalized in-person security workshops that are not deathly boring.

Your first barrier to cyber confidence?

Your employees

With just one opened phishing email, hackers can steal credentials, enter the network, and take full control.

Which leads to:

Privacy Leaks

Clients, privacy, reputation?



Wire Fraud


And if you think hackers are sloppy amateurs... think again

full team of scammers at work
Legit email vs. phishing email
Phishing email

Their tactics work

Especially on the untrained eye

And the more money they make, the more money they can invest to develop even more sophisticated technology to exploit businesses like yours.

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in-person, customized training that actually works

Live or Virtual Option

Whether we present in-person or on zoom, our presentation is designed to be practical and engaing.


In-person interactive workshops include quizzes and Q&A.


We cover the basics of what your employees need to know and look out for, using real-life scenarios that show how hackers operate.


Customized classes based on your set-up and environment keep the information relevant and practical.


Small group formats to ensure that every employee is engaged.


Stimulating presenter encourages employee participation.

Everything your employees need to know to keep your business safe and operational

General Education

  • What you need to know about public WiFi risks

  • How to stay safe online even on a personal device

  • Actions to take physically to ensure cyber safety

Red Flag and Pattern Detection

  • How to identify red-flags

  • Which methods hackers will use 90% of the time

Phishing Training

  • Why hackers will try phishing first - and what you can do to protect yourself

  • How to identify a suspicious URL

  • Why two-factor identification is not always enough

Credential security

  • How to create an unpredictable password

  • How to practically keep credentials safe

Practical application

  • Post-training quiz (employees are required to pass) reinforces fundamentals

  • Annual and biannual refresher courses available

Wire Fraud

  • How to properly verify bank accounts

  • How to identify the common warning signs of wiring scams

  • Employee protocol for wiring emergencies

Practical Programs = Trackable Success

Real data collected from tracked phishing test-emails

Unopened 29%
Before Training
Unopened 80%
After Training
Employees trained
Keystone's training gave our employees an all-round view of security.
He keeps the users engaged, and keeps the subject relevant to the people we have working here. I'd be hard pressed to find anybody to come in and do these as well as he does.
robert curtis, c&A Global
C+A Global logo
The in-persons trainings are a complete game changer. They're interesting. They're intriguing. He's able to keep everyone's interest while getting the message across. We especially appreciated how he tailored the training for the different departments.
A refreshing change from online training and very actionable, everyone learned a lot. We've definitely had phishing emails that employees were able to flag because of what they got from the training.
CardCash logo black
The training raised employee awareness in our workplace. We are all more conscious now – people will double check before clicking email links. When running a business its always best to be proactive and keep all of our staff mindful and aware of potential threats.
miriam rosenberg, MILLIARD BRANDS
Milliard Made for living logo black
The training is invaluable–it has become a standard part of our onboarding new employees.
Daniel Gleich, CEO Madison Trust
Madison Trust Company

Stay Aware. Stay Safe.


Phishing Test Emails

  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly

    Pick a package depending on your business's level of risk

  • Get real-life results

    Randomly timed and customized per department to simulate real-life phishing emails

  • Provide employee support

    Tracked results to enable us to provide additional training individually

[+ Quizzes]

Refresher Courses

Ensure all employees are up-to-date

Designed for the employees that need that little extra, as identified by the tracked phishing test

Yearly Workshops

Keep educated employees fresh

Randomly timed to simulate real-life, unplanned phishing emails

  • sharpen employees’ skills

  • highlight risks to reinforce awareness

  • refresh security procedures

  • educate new employees

From oblivious to alert in four simple steps


Reach out

Talk to our highly trained staff about your business size and needs



A live interactive workshop customized for your staff and business


Laugh and Learn

Enjoy a fun, memorable training class that is both practical and humorous



Post-training Q&A (where employees can ask personal questions as well!)  followed by a quiz to reinforce key information

Untrained employees are your first liability. With the right education, they’re your first line of defense.

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