Mordy Fried
Hi, I'm Mordy. I spent several years of my career building out a robust security program for one of the nations largest e-commerce platforms.
I had a sizable budget and a dedicated team at my disposal.

And that left me with a troubling question:
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How can the average mid-size Enterprise stay secure and avoid a cyber attack without breaking the bank?

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The process is overwhelming.
Security measures are ambiguous, cumbersome and not to mention costly.

But worst of all?
Often times, the holy-grail, time-vaunted cyber security methods don’t actually do anything to lower the risk.

They’re expensive tools that people chase after, while forgetting about security essentials.

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That means burning through tens of thousands of dollars–while the doors stay wide open for cyberattackers.

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The answer?
It’s not glamorous. It’s not romantic.
It’s simple. And it works.

It starts with three fundamentals:



Your employees are the gatekeepers to your security. Do they know how to differentiate between fraud and genuine to keep your business safe?



If you are running Server 2003 on your domain controller, I don’t need to run a 30k test to tell you you're vulnerable. I can tell you that – and where else you’re at risk – by inspecting and assessing your setup.



Seal the entry points before hackers find them. We’ll tell you what the best solution is to alleviate your risk, plus guide the implementation.

And that’s the Keystone way:

Giving businesses a pain-free, overwhelm-free way to keep their businesses secure without breaking the bank.

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Our three Guarantees


Not that look good, sound good, or make you feel good. Things that will actually strengthen your business and minimize the risk of cyberattacks.



No slapdash, superficial solution. Every environment checked for risks. Every risk rated, reported, and resolved. In the right priority.

That’s how you stand up to hackers.


Questions? Always welcomed. Need solutions? We’ll partner with your IT team to make it happen. Suggestions? Send them our way! We’re thrilled to hear how we can best work together.

Meet the troops

Mordy Fried

Mordy Fried


Meet Keystone’s chief. Mordy’s extensive background in cyber security began with him as a simple IT technician, removing viruses and setting up firewalls. Seeing a need in the industry, he eventually designed and taught a course to others looking to become technicians. He then led the cybersecurity team at B&H Photo, NYC. He’s a genuine, get-your-hands-dirty doer who moonlights as a frozen pizza connoisseur. He understands the complexities of cyber threats, and the limitations of standard solutions. He has since successfully developed a custom, comprehensive and proven program that aims to not only keep your business secure but also make sure that hackers know they are not welcome.

Fun Fact:
I’m technology-besotted. When I get a new piece of tech, my heart literally pounds as I open up the box.
Izzy Kleinhendler

Izzy Kleinhendler

Security Architect

Our go-to for anything highly technical, we turn to Izzy for scouting out open risks and seamlessly resolving them. He just makes it easy. Easy to improve security. Easy to minimize cyber attack risks. And easy to guide IT team in implementing security protocols.  After all, he spent years in a senior IT position, earning many awards, most notably the Azure Administrator and AWS Certified Solutions Architect certifications.

Fun Fact:
“Digging into a new tech or cracking an IT mystery is my version of fun. I’m a geek like that.”
Chris Filicello

Chris Filiciello

VP of Marketing & Sales + Security Awareness Training Specialist

Chris is our training guru. The reason we love him is because he can break down complex concepts in a way everyone can understand. He also holds two in-company records - most trainings presented in a single day (five!) and most laughs during training. Keep rocking Chris! When he’s not busy with  work and community responsibilities, Chris loves to read books and coach his three sons in sports.

Fun Fact:
“I was a presidential appointee in Washington, D.C. serving at the White House, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Department of Labor for 2+ decades.”

Bracha Hoberman

Information Security Analyst

Bracha keeps the Keystone process flowing, both in-company and for clients. Using her impressive skillset, Bracha sees Risk Assessment through from interview to report. Her graphic and social engineering skills are also evident in all our security training platforms and phishing tests (thank you Bracha!). Her clear, logical mindset is a real asset to our team - she’ll look for the root of a problem, then find the most efficient way to resolve it.

Fun Fact:
“I believe that colorful markers/pens/pencils are perfectly adult. If I have any of those in my hand, I am one happy doodler😊”
Doron Samuel

Doron Samuel

Compliance Manager

Doron handles cybersecurity compliance, making sure to keep two steps ahead of the bad guys. By using his exceptional communication skills, he collaborates with auditors and IT departments to make audits as smooth and headache-free as possible. Doron’s as eloquent on paper as he is in real life - aside from academic papers, he’s published a public playbook on ransomware attacks, which teams use to stay more secure.

Fun Fact:
“I’m a huge soccer fan and support Manchester United (fans, anyone?)”

Chavi Klein

Information Security Manager

Chavi is not our right hand, she’s both. She’s all about solving first, asking later. An unpretentious powerhouse, Chavi coordinates new projects, leads risk assessment interviews, creates security awareness trainings and develops whatever else is in need of her expert touch. Deeply respected by colleagues and clients alike for her quick grasp and quicker action, Chavi’s job description in short is: brilliant multitasker, webinar creator, and problem solver. When she’s not hard at work, Chavi enjoys baking and entertaining her two little daughters.

Fun Fact:
“I love traveling, and meeting new people’s the best part!

Esther Zaks

Security Auditor

Esther’s coffee is the caffeinated force behind the customized phishing tests and impeccably written reports. She’s always respectful, responsive, and calm, traits that make her  client communication sparkle. Aside for her job, which she loves, Esther is a coffee expert (yes, that’s a thing!)

Fun Fact:
“I can change tires. Change lights. And hang up chandeliers. How’s that for a superpower?”

Cyber protection is sticky, tricky, but vital.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’ve done the best for your business’s security.

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